Foyle Women's Information Network was established in January 1994 at a meeting in the Verbal Arts Centre during which, women affirmed the idea for a Women’s Network. There was a recognition of the need to support women and women’s groups throughout the North West, both urban and rural, to develop their own skills and maximise their input to social, educational and political development within local areas as well as at a strategic level within Northern Ireland.

In addition, there was a recognised need to support all women to address their educational, leisure, emotional, physical, health and well being and their cultural development.

The aims of the network are as follows:

The network was established for the advancement of education and the protection of health, and in particular to provide in the northwest, facilities in the interests of social welfare for the education, recreation and leisure time occupation of women who by reason of social or economic circumstances have need of such facilities.

Its mission statement is to increase the capacity, visibility and voice of women throughout the North West.

The values which underpin the work of FWIN are:

  • To provide a professional proactive and quality service,
  • To support and value each individual woman (embracing diversity) to reach their potential,
  • To support women and groups that work with women,
  • To encourage women to use a partnership approach,
  • Community development principles underpin its work,
  • Promoting equality for women influencing decision makers.