Saturday Swap Shop organised by Nelly’s Clothing Swap!
Saturday 14th March
1.00PM - 4.00PM
Holywell DCCP
Help fight ‘fast fashion’ and climate change by bringing along clothes you don't wear anymore, which are still in good condition, and swap them for 'new to you' clothes.  
All welcome!  
Vegan lunch provided on the afternoon by Bonnie Appetit! 



Guest Speaker

Lucinda Graham, a designer, stylist, freelance creative collaborator and recent graduate from the Belfast School of Art.
A multidisciplinary artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland; she is driven by a millenial’s hunger for reality in the digital age, exploring pressing social and mental health issues through various mediums.
A self-proclaimed eco-punk, Lucinda cares about the re-birthing of subcultures through self-made clothing and a DIY aesthetic that revolved around promoting environmentally positive practices in fashion.
Lucinda promotes eco-activism, encourages ethical consumership and education around the ecological and humanitarian issues concerning fast fashion.