Digital Technology, War and Peace: Three Provocations

FRIDAY 26 OCT 2018 - 5:00PM TO 6:30PM

Admission: Free

Is digital technology creating the conditions for more polarisation, discord and (eventually) violence? Or do digital technologies offer new and exciting ways to connect, find common ground and build peace? Drawing on practical experiences of local peacebuilders around the world, this talk will explore the way digital technology interacts with the dynamics that drive war and peace.

Helena Puig Larrauri

Helena co-founded and now co-directs Build Up, an organisations that works with civic activists and authorities to identify and apply technology-supported methods and innovative practices to resolve conflict and build peace. She has consulted for and advised UN agencies, multi-lateral organisations and international NGOs on innovations that increase the reach and impact of peacebuilding. Previously she led a peacebuilding program in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan for the United Nations Development Program. Helena has been invited to speak about innovation in peacebuilding by venues including SXSW Interactive, Geneva Peace Talks, Geneva Peace Platform, The Hague Institute of Global Justice, IPI Vienna Seminar, Northwestern University, MIT's Centre for Civic Media and the United States Institute of Peace. She previously served on the Boards of International Alert, ImpactHub Barcelona and the Stand-by Task Force, and currently serves on the Board of Elva Community Engagement.